Holidays at Brasstown Valley Resort near our Georgia Mountain Property

 I’ve written quite a bit about Brasstown Valley Resort, located near our North Georgia property for sale. If you’re like me and love to golf, it’s definitely a highlight of having Georgia mountain property to be so closely located to such a fantastic golf resort.

Well, I’m going to write about it again because with the changing of the seasons and the holidays just around the corner, I’ll be heading to Brasstown soon to enjoy its fall foliage, and perhaps later this year for Christmas or New Year’s.

The fall foliage around our mountain property for sale is stunning, especially near the end of October. I like to take a trip to Brasstown anyway to take in the striking, varied palate of colors while enjoying my favorite sport.

After Thanksgiving, you can take your family to Brasstown for special Christmas and New Year activities. While you golf, your family can enjoy elegant food, horseback riding, crafts, nature hikes, and holiday-themed activities.

If you want to get away from your Georgia mountain property for the holidays, without travelling too far, I highly recommend Brasstown Valley Resort. When you come see our North Georgia mountain property for sale, which is available to be shown at any time, check out Brasstown while you’re at it.


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