Georgia Mountain Property Wine Tasting Tips

Wine lovers populating Georgia mountain property enjoy their close proximity to Georgia’s fine wineries. Georgia’s Wine Country spans nearly 400 miles from Young Harris, close to our unique North Georgia mountain property for sale, to Savannah near the eastern coast. Our property is unlike most. You have to come visit and have a glass of wine.

According to, the Georgian wine scene is a happening new “green” phenomenon; the number of vineyards and farm wineries is expected to double over the next decade among the residents and investors of Georgia mountain property for sale unique property.

If you’re considering Georgia mountain property for sale or even enjoying a day trip to our area you must give us a call. We are known for our knowledge of the area and for our incredible Georgia mountain property. Our property is unlike many in this region due to its location and you just have to come see it. We will take you of a Georgia mountain tour and while at it you must visit the Georgia “wine belt”.

In case you have interest, here are some tips for your wine tasting trip.

Preparations Make sure you eat well (I enjoy a hearty breakfast) before your wine tasting trip.  Hire a driver or select a designated driver to take care of transportation to ensure a safe wine-tasting experience. Take care not to not wear heavy cologne or perfume so that your sense of smell isn’t compromised and so that you don’t interfere with the wine tasting experience of others. If you’re wine tasting in a large group, you should call ahead to make reservations.

Tasting Make sure you have crackers or bread in order to clear your palate before each wine. This will help you notice subtle differences between types of wines. You can either swallow your wine or ask for a vessel to spit the wine into (which isn’t considered rude, considering the large amounts of wine you may be tasting). It’s not necessary to tip your servers, as they are wine salespeople, not bartenders. Be respectful and know your limit, as many wineries are people’s homes, as they are small family businesses.

Purchasing Wine Feel free to ask servers lots of questions, as they are highly educated about their wines. Support your local Georgia wineries buy purchasing a bottle, or two or more, of your favorite wines from your wine tasting trip.

Please be sure and give us a call or contact us at any time. We are out and about but love to show people the area. Please leave any message in case we are not around  1.888.701.6481


Georgia Wine Country:  Tasting Tips For Visiting A Georgia Winery Wine Tasting Tips


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