Civil War Heritage Trails near Our Georgia Mountain Property

One of the best things about our North Georgia mountain property, in my opinion, is the proximity to the Civil War Heritage Trails. I’ve written about this before, but I can’t say enough about this special attraction available to visitors to and residents of Georgia.

It’s been said that the Civil War, which raged from 1861 to 1865, had a more significant impact on Georgia than on any other event that has occurred in our state. After all, approximately 11,000 Georgians were killed and 460,000 slaves were emancipated by the end of the war.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning a great deal about the war and how it transpired in the state thanks to the Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails, a non-profit organization that preserves historic trails throughout the state.

There are six different trail regions representing a major event or area of the Civil War, such as the Atlanta Campaign region and the March to the Sea region. You’ll find trail markers along the way connected to national parks, cultural sites, and museums with photographs, drawings, and maps having to do with the Civil War period.

Don’t miss out on this piece of history when you come see our Georgia mountain property for sale, which you can take a look at anytime. Stop on by soon!

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